Fayetteville Arkansas Janitorial Services

We’ve proudly served the Fayetteville, Arkansas and surrounding regions for the past 20 years. Your Cleaning Specialists has more than 50 employees ready and capable of handling any facilities maintenance or janitorial project you may have.

Janitorial Services

Besides the basics, some of the standard services we offer our clients include:

  • General janitorial – includes taking out trash, cleaning desks and glass surfaces,     restrooms, and floor care
  • Medical clinics – we have the specialty of also providing cleaning services to medical clinics
  • Carpet cleaning – we can deep clean carpets and other fabric surfaces in addition to providing spot stain removal
  • Floor maintenance – whether you need floors scrubbed and waxed or just buffed and maintained, we’ve got you covered
  • Final clean – for construction projects of all sizes, we can price a final clean package to meet your needs
  • Glass cleaning – from large structures to single floor offices, we have experienced     staff who can handle the toughest glass cleaning jobs
  • Lawn care – if you have professional landscaping or just some general parking     lot maintenance, we can keep your offices looking top-notch

Why Work with a Large Janitorial Services Firm

We understand the appeal of small, mom-and-pop sized janitorial firms, but they often cannot create a complete maintenance package or handle emergencies. As a larger cleaning company we can save you time and money by handling all your facility cleaning needs. And we have the staff to handle spikes in service as well.

To make our company as flexible, responsive, and approachable as possible, each client is assigned a full-time manager who you know and can learn to trust to take care of your immediate concerns and needs. This gives you the best of both worlds – best prices and top-notch service.

Experience in Fayetteville, Arkansas Janitorial

We understand the needs of our Fayetteville, Arkansas area clients and have grown to offer more than basic services. Our roots are in basic janitorial services, but we now offer carpet care, hard floor maintenance, glass cleaning, and much more.

Early in our company’s life we noticed that our clients needed more than just simple janitorial service. So we expanded our equipment, training, and staff into what has grown into one of Arkansas’ largest janitorial firms.

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